Well, I remember how to write code, and that’s good (I keed, I keed). It has been a few weeks since I was into hard-core development, and it’s always funny how fast my brain becomes rusty. It takes a good half-hour of beating my head against things to start things flowing again, and it’s hard to find enough motivation to push through. But push through I did! Made some good progress, too, even though it doesn’t feel like it.

I had to tear down someone else’s crappy old code and build everything from scratch, but make it all look the same…what I love about coding. At the end of the day it’s a hot mess and it’s only a fraction of as functional as it was, but it’s progress! Gotta build up the framework or it’s all going to tumble down, no matter what anyone thinks who just sees the outside. There’s a fitness metaphor in there somewhere, I’m pretty sure, but I’m not feeling the metaphorical vibes enough to try to pull it out.

Plyo rocked me yet again, and I managed to get through with my foot being only mildly sore, instead of screaming in pain. For some reason there’s no spot for that on the workout sheet, I wonder why. Hey, at least I’m being good and modifying the workouts, kids…more than I do sometimes.

On that subject, can I get some new freakin’ joints in here? I was going through my pile of braces and I have: ankle x2, elbow, knee x3, back, wrist, and the various and sundry arch supports for my stupid flat feet. Of those only the elbow and foot are current, although my left knee was complaining a little bit the other day. And of course, if there was a decent way to brace my separated shoulder, I’d have one of those too. Viva la fitness!